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Preparing your body

for pregnancy

Feminine Floral Design for Photographers

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Nutrition | Exercise

Four-week self-paced course coming soon!


  • how to observe previous diet patterns without judgment

  • how to hear and listen to your body's subtle cues for fullness, thirst, sleep, and movement/exercise

  • how to ditch the diet/restriction mentality and embrace the lifestyle mentality

  • how to deal with cravings

  • how to add more whole foods into your diet

  • how to eat more foods that make you feel good and eat fewer foods that don't

  • how to grocery shop for your new lifestyle

  • how to put together healthy meals by following simple guidelines and understanding macronutrients and micronutrients

  • how to approach all choices with gentleness and avoid guilt
  • how to make these changes life-long!
  • value health and convenience

  • want a solid foundation on which to start their health journey

  • do better enacting lifestyle changes when they know the "why" behind it

  • have both previously maintained their weight and those who have struggled with weight cycling or "yo-yo" dieting

You'll learn...

This course is ideal for those who...

  • Created by both naturopathic doctors, Drs. Naman and Froehlich

  • A curated four-week program that teaches you how to create a healthy lifestyle without restriction

  • A combination of videos and slide shows to keep you engaged and learning the whole way through

  • Self-paced, so you can start when you want

  • Access to all material for 60 days so you can revisit lectures even after you finish the course to give you the boost you need

  • Downloadable content that you keep forever, including all lecture outlines and handouts

Some course details:

  • how to observe previous exercise patterns without judgment

  • how to slowly incorporate more exercise into your days

  • how to choose between different types of exercise and what each type gives you

  • how to look forward to and actually enjoy exercising and moving your body on a regular basis

  • how to build up to exercises that build strength and burn fat

  • how to deal with the ebb and flow of motivation as seasons change (literally and metaphorically)

  • how to approach all choices with gentleness and avoid guilt
  • how to make these changes life-long!




Coming soon