About the Practice

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At Atlantic Naturopathic, we strive to provide exceptional naturopathic care to our clients. To achieve this, we offer an initial hour-and-a-half-long visit where we thoroughly review your health history, goals, and obstacles. This detailed intake allows your doctor to develop a more complete understanding of the whole you which is then integrated into your personalized set of recommendations. We believe it is important to spend time reviewing and explaining all recommendations and allow you to contribute, enabling you to play an active role in your care. Our philosophy is that healthcare works best when it progresses in accordance with the therapeutic order, starting with the most fundamental steps of establishing the foundations for optimal health and removing any obstacles that may be preventing your body from healing. If need be, care progresses to interventions such as hydrotherapy, supplementation, and herbs that enact further physiological change.


We believe that you should be in charge of your health care. Here at Atlantic Naturopathic, we value taking the time to educate our clients because we believe it is empowering to understand how our bodies work when they’re healthy, when there’s disease, and most important of all, how to translate this knowledge into actionable and accessible change.

Our History


Through hard work, a vision, and a love for New Jersey, Drs. Michelle Naman and Olivia Froehlich formed Atlantic Naturopathic. Dr. Froehlich was born in Freehold, raised in East Brunswick, and now resides in Cinnaminson. Dr. Naman was born in South Brunswick, and raised in, and now resides in, Toms River. However, they found each other in Seattle, Washington.


They met in 2016 and began working together in 2018 when they both held positions on Bastyr University Kenmore’s Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) chapter--Olivia was the Legislative Chair and Michelle was the Social Chair. In 2019, Michelle was elected as president of the chapter, and Olivia was elected as secretary--and so began their journey of working intimately together to run, organize, and improve an organization. Their New Jersey upbringing drew them into friendship and then continued to serve as the foundation for their communication style, drive for progress and success, and their common goal to serve the communities of the state they both love.


At an NMSA conference in 2019, they had an “aha moment” and realized that they could continue working on a team together, fulfilling a vision they both had individually. At first, they discussed goals and ideas, and then they began the hours upon hours of work creating and curating a practice to best serve their clients. From friendship to partnership, from Washington to New Jersey, from vision to Atlantic Naturopathic--Drs. Naman and Froehlich are eager and excited to serve their community.


Meet Dr. Olivia Froehlich

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Dr. Olivia Froehlich, ND Naturopathic Doctor practicing holstic health consulting in Red Bank, New Jersey.
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Dr. Olivia Froehlich is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who practices holistic health consulting in New Jersey. She has a BA in philosophy from The College of New Jersey, a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University Kenmore, and is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Plant Biology at Rutgers University. She keeps an active naturopathic physician license in Vermont as New Jersey does not yet offer licensure.

Her journey to naturopathic medicine was rooted in believing that healthcare practitioners should treat the whole person, rather than just their ailments. She entered Bastyr University with an interest in medicinal plants and a desire to help people become healthy and left with education in naturopathic primary care, experience in anti-cancer medicinal mushroom research, an obsession with human anatomy and physiology, and as valedictorian of her graduating class.

Founded on the six naturopathic principles as well as the therapeutic order, her practice philosophy continues to develop and has since become her own. After helping clients understand their body’s unique physiology, Dr. Froehlich explains and reviews what she calls “necessary and sufficient” recommendation options and begins a thorough and supportive program of helping her clients enact change to achieve their goals. She works diligently with any and all body system ailments, though she is especially interested in cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and mental health (and where they intersect!). 

Her dedication to research in medicinal botany and mycology is evident in both her past experience and continuing work towards her Ph.D. within the “Natural Products and Human Health” plant biology Ph.D. track. She had originally been interested in continuing anti-cancer mushroom research (and she hopes to return to this in the future), but she has since become interested in how fungi affect human health, specifically how molds and their toxins/metabolites can make humans sick. For that reason, she is interested in and eager to help clients who believe they have become ill as a result of mold exposure. She utilizes a variety of tools--the main ones being education, coaching-style support, exercise, nutrition, and medicinal mushrooms.


Outside of research, teaching, and consulting, Dr. Froehlich exercises daily, hangs out with her dog and boyfriend, and listens to true-crime podcasts.


Dr. Olivia Froehlich is excited to meet and support you in all of your health and lifestyle goals!


Meet Dr. Michelle Naman

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Dr. Michelle Naman, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing holistic consulting in Red Bank, New Jersey.
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Dr. Michelle Naman is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who practices holistic health consulting in New Jersey and practices as a naturopathic physician in Connecticut. She graduated from Clemson University with a bachelor’s of science in genetics and a minor in the Spanish language, and then from Bastyr University Kenmore with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. She keeps an active naturopathic physician license in the state of Connecticut as New Jersey does not yet offer licensure.

Dr. Naman had dreamed of becoming a medical (conventional) doctor for as long as she could remember. During college, she spent time learning about the intricate connection between diet and how it leads to either health or disease. This was extraordinarily intriguing to her and set her on a path away from conventional medicine, and yet, unknowingly, on a path towards naturopathic medicine. Following undergrad, she worked at The Saban Research Institute at The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, where she discovered Bastyr University and the profession of naturopathic medicine. At this moment, she knew she had found her dream career and true calling. 

She loves working with teens and adults to establish a foundation for optimal health through modifications in lifestyle (diet/nutrition, sleep, stress management, hydration, exercise, social support/environments) while also using herbs, supplementation, and hydrotherapy to address any disease process or ailments. She knows success in this is achieved by working to understand her patient’s current lifestyle and routines and then using this to create naturopathic recommendations broken down into steps that can be easily implemented. Her almost 10 years as a tutor has helped her to hone her teaching skills, which she joyfully applies to educating her clients about their own bodies and health. Dr. Naman believes that in understanding your own body comes empowerment about one’s own healthcare. 

Dr. Naman, like Dr. Froehlich, is trained as a general practitioner and therefore sees clients with all diagnoses, acute or chronic, as well as those that just want to improve their overall health and prevent disease. Dr. Naman has special interests in gastrointestinal concerns, migraines, and fertility and preconception counseling.

When she is not consulting with clients or furthering her learning, Dr. Naman is likely traveling, working out (yoga and weight lifting are her favorites!), cooking, hiking, camping, or spending time with her family and friends (6 feet away, of course).

Dr. Naman looks forward to meeting you and working closely with you to help you achieve your health goals!