What we offer during visits


Both Drs. Naman and Froehlich are trained to analyze clients’ diets to not only ensure proper nutrition, but to support optimal functioning and derail disease progression. A well-balanced diet supports both your physical and mental health, helping you feel vibrant and energetic.
Healthy food flowering artichoke
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Herbalism is the practice of utilizing herbs to support health. Both Drs. Naman and Froehlich employ herbs in a number of ways with their clients including capsules, teas, and tinctures. Individual herbs have specific indications and support different body systems. Our doctors’ extensive training in and knowledge of herbs allows them to craft a unique and individualized formulation just for you.
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St. Johns Wort medicinal herb which improves mood and fights depression


Hydrotherapy is one of our most gentle, yet powerful modalities. The application of water to the skin at varying temperatures aids in the stimulation of blood flow and elimination of waste products. Hydrotherapy can easily and quickly be done at home, making it a favorite of Drs. Naman and Froehlich.
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Body Composition Analysis

We use body composition analysis as a tool for helping clients lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Body composition analysis differentiates the make-up of your body into core components: fat, protein, minerals, and body water. That means we can track fat loss, as well as muscle gain and bloating stabilization.
Dandelion medicinal herb native to New Jersey which improves liver health and detoxification
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Prevention is one of the six naturopathic principles and is also one of the most important modalities of naturopathic medicine. Having been trained in naturopathic primary care, Drs. Naman and Froehlich are able to review your health history including previous lab work or imaging to develop a set of individualized lifestyle recommendations that highlights health promotion and disease prevention.

Disease prevention & Lifestyle Counseling

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Routine & Specialty Labs

We offer routine labs for all conditions after a quick consultation with our medical director. These labs can be covered by insurance if desired. Specialty labs (such as Comprehensive Stool Analysis, DUTCH, and Nutritional Status) are offered without the additional consultation with our medical director and are generally not covered by insurance.
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